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July 11th, 2003

Recording should be finished by July 17th.  Mixing should be within a couple of weeks after that with hopes that the record can be released on October31st, 2003. It has a couple of different names right now including but not limited to Dirty Bomb and  Burning Barrel. We are going to tour west after the record is out.   We are playing in Hickory NC on Sunday July 20th with The Virus and Blind Society.

May 2nd, 2003
We are now a 5 piece.  We have 3 guitars and don't sound anything like Skynrd or The Allman Bros.  The shows should be a real scramble for attention, complete with eyeballs being put out during attempted approaches to the mic's and what not.  The Great Solrac is back!  LEGALIZE IT..... We record the first tracks for the record in two weeks. 
April 24th, 2003
We are playing this Friday and then we will spend all of May writing and recording. I posted some new shows.  Other than the tentative dates in June these are probably all we will be doing till we get the record pressed and go back out into the realm of the Orca, where some crazy surprises may or may not be in the works. 
April 6th, 2003 ORCA SWIM IN THE FOG
The Broke Busted And Disgusted was a blast and at the same time truly lived up to it's name.  Thanks alot to everyone who helped out with setting up shows and to everyone who gave us a place to crash,  especially Bridget and her cat in Pittsburgh.  We won't be touring again till sometime in the summer. In the meantime  recording for our first full length record will begin,  it is going to be released by Tent City Records.  Sir Cement Block's tour log will be available for reading on here soon.
March 27th, 2003
Let the madness begin..... The Broke Busted And Disgusted Tour begins tonight.  It will consist of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, going apeshit and a fast set of fast songs that may last 20 minutes. 
March 12, 2003
Upon the entrance of Green and Red Ninja, it has become apparent that things are going to be getting completely fucked up.  If your town is one that we were able to get a show in for the upcoming tour, be sure to come out and spot these two.  Thanks to everyone who has helped out with setting up shows.  It is very appreciated.
Feb. 3rd, 2003
Well we have been fortunate enough to make friends in different places around the northeast and as a result we have spent  some time recently doing shows in the VA, DC, and PA area. We will be doing a short tour from March 26th through April 6th that will include these places as well as NY and CT you can see some of the dates on the shows page and more will be coming soon.  Also we'll be heading south toward GA, FL, LA, and TX  for a few weeks sometime around the end of April.  While back on the planet of Taylorsville NC we will be playing some in Hickory NC.  Hopefully while home we can fix our van some as it is trashed along with our equipment.  We've got some new songs that are alot heavier than our older stuff and we are looking  forward to playing them live soon.  The songs are going to be recorded with backwards messages that we hope when listened to while using certain hallucinogens (including but not limited to marijuana) will reverse the effects of mk ultra experiments that may still be going on as we speak. (that new cool punk in town/ just might be mr. cia)

Saying fuck it and playing hard since March of 2000!